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    gt bicycle hybrid from 1994 ????


    I used to have a GT bicycle hybrid in 1994. It was a very very good bike at $300 new,
    better than the Cannondale H700 1997 newer and more expensive brand aluminium hybrid
    in my opinion. Does anyone know which gt bicycle hybrid model that it could
    possibly be? I think it's a Cromoly frame , it must be back in the 1994 at $300.
    The old bike store is gone too, I'm afraid..

    The Cannondale H700 (CAAD2) 16-inch frame aluminium hybrid rides harsh. I cannot
    ride it hands-free also. It feels yucky after a long ( or not too long) ride. Too much vibrations.
    But its good in terms of being very very responsive ( great in city traffic),
    very stiff and somewhat light. No rust on the frame despite the scratches. It seems like
    part of the problem is the fit and geometry and another part is the aluminium material.

    But I still loved how the old GT bike back in the college days.
    The GT bike is much more comfortable and I can ride it hands-free.
    Can anyone tell me about the geometry, specifications, and details
    about the GT bikes hybrids ? I loved the way my old GT hybrid rides, and hoping to get a
    similar bike if possible. Which bike ( brand and model ) most similar to the old GT
    hybrid bike back in the 1994?? I don't know if the newer (current) GT bikes are still
    the same as back then or have changed significantly since then. I'm 5-feet 5-inches tall ,
    stocky build, endomorph body type if that helps.


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    I think the model is the GT "When you're a college student, a cheap bike probably felt better than it probably was, and now that you have better taste, you don't know how crappy a bike it actually was" model. Seriously, you're older, hopefully you're wiser, and you probably have your first good bike put on a mental pedestal that is higher than it deserves. For example: I remember my Nishiki 10 speed road bike back in 1990, and how great it was. I never got tired riding that bike, I never got sore, and it tracked beautifully without hands. If I got on it today, my middle aged body would probably hate it. But in my mind, it was the finest $229 bike ever made.

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