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    Made it through most of the summer

    ..without being seriously harassed on the bike. However, today I got my wife to ride and about half a mile in, some jackass didn't move over and the passenger jackass leaned his head out and screamed at my wife. I was about 50 feet ahead and saw the car in my mirror just 1 foot off the shoulder. I pulled off thinking it was her screaming after having been hit, so after the car passed, I turned around asnasked what had happened. Well I took off at the jerks. I caught up to them in about 7-8 blocks when they got stopped for a turning car. I was flying and hit the brakes too hard. I went over the bars, my handlebars hit their fender, but I landed on my left footand right knee. I popped up and the passenger was starting to yell at me for hitting the car. I left the bike in the middle of the street and I got in the driver's window and with the most pissed off voice I have, said, "if you'd caused my wife to have an accident, I'd have personally beat the living sh-- out of you!" The kids eyes were as big as silver dollars and up went their window as the guy tried to get away. He almost hit two cars in the process, one being an ambulance. A couple people walking asked if I was okay, and another couple wanted to call the cops. I said it was no big deal and explained I scared them more than they did my wife. They said they ride occasionally, that they had the license plate, and that they didn't want the kids to get away with possibly causing an accident, so they called and I told the cop what happened. Last I knew the officer was trying to contact the car's owner to find out who was driving. Hope the bastards get another nice scare. So close to making it through the summer without incident, rats.

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    People can be ammusing. Here living in France for awhile; we've been so pleased since cyclist harassment is almost unheard of. Cyclists are treated as equals, is our sense.
    But motorists can still be a trip.. I was following my group back home riding in the bike lane. A car full of cads pulled over just a little. Not enough to threaten a cyclists.
    But, looking up ahead, a punk reached his? hand out in an attempt to play grab @$$ with a female cyclist, Glad I was not close friends with this effected woman , because I would have been offended.
    Was no where close to being threatening to the cyclist's safety , so guess it was just in fun? He retracted his hand in time, so she never knew . Sure this stuff happens all the time. Surprised it happened here, everyone seems so polite.

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