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    Partner sites wanted!

    I am looking for small to medium sized cycling websites to partake in a traffic swap. How will this work? A site that is accepted into this arrangement will have their link, title and short (220 chars) description of there site rotated with other partner sites at the bottom of every main page on the forums, currently serving over 150,000 page views a month.

    I am looking for sites that can send me a 3 - 5 visitors per day. All I ask for is a simple text link to the forums, placed anywhere on your website, so long as I receive reasonable traffic from your website. Both partners in this arrangement would receive traffic both directly (via links) and indirectly (via better placement in the search engines).

    If you believe you can send more then 5 visitors a day, I will "double up" your partnership, i.e. show your partner link 10,000 times a month rather then 5,000 times. The more you send me, the more I will send in return.

    If you are interested in a partnership, send me a quick private message with your URL, how many unique visitors a day you receive, how many page views a month you receive, and how you could send visitors to the forums. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

    Thank you, and keep on riding!
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