Cycles Gaansari is a local shop that just opened downtown and I've totally fallen in love with the place.
Its a small shop, specializing in urban and commutter bikes, single speeds, etc. Practical things. Wow, what a refressing change from dual-suspended-metal-matrix-carbon-whatsit-flavor of the month stuff.

The owner has put genuine thought into his location, services, and products. He's happy to stand and talk as along as you want, and only pressure you to have a cup of coffee. He's worked at various bike related places, most notably the Waterford framebuilding shop and is quite knoledgeable, never talking down to you.

Service wise, he's even going as far as bringing in folks like Grant Pteresen of Rivendell and Sky Yeager of Bianchi for technical seminars. He's set up group rides at the shop, heck he even offers an assortment of cycling videos for rental. He even has half-wheel hell and pee wees big adventure

Gary offers everything, from beautiful Rivendell bikes (theres an blue-and -cream Atlantis with a full touring compliment and upright handlebars in the window... gorgeous..) to basic Surly frames, to everything in between. He's launching a house brand of custom frame as well, modeling it after the Wright Brothers offerings the Van Cleve and the St. Clair. He's even doing rentals around town.

I'll admit, he's got cojones for opening a store downtown though. Despite being on the bikeway and near the UD campus, downtown is pretty dry retail wise these days. I hope he does well.

Frankly I'm excited to see a store like this in the area.

I know most of you aren't from the area, but if you have a moment, do me a favor and send Gary an email wishing him luck on his busness endevour, and offer support that he's going the right direction with his service-oriented style....


*and for the record, I have no relationship with the owner, other than coveting his Atlantis...