I just bought a new Raleigh Cadent 2.0 today its a perfect fit and feels great to me. I've been looking at road bikes for a while since the wife and I decided to do the STP. Carbon forks and seat tube I swapped out the saddle for one that won't kill my butt as bad. Got a nice deal from my local guy in Orting Wa. ( plug for Brian nice guy very helpful.) Just want to get out and ride ride ride. I'm gonna give it some time to really get a feel for it since I'm not as comfortable on a road bike as I am on my hybrid but I can tell its going to be a fine. I test rode other brands and they were nice but this one fit me better the geometry is a bit different than some of the others and felt good for my body type (short and dumpy) hopefully I won't be so dumpy in a while just short. Yep I'm a happy camper