Well, I think im officially hooked now. I decided to go to the gym today, instead of riding and it was awful. Lifting wasnt too bad, but I tried to warm up on the stationary bike... well, I felt like I was going to fall off. It looks like I will have to figure out how im going to continue cycling all winter. If it gets real bad I may swim, but other than that, I need to stay on the bike.

Another special moment was when the first floor bathroom was out of order in my office building. I walked up the steps to use the second floor bathroom, and was intrigued by a strange alcove in the back. In the alcove, I found... A SHOWER STALL!!!! It felt like I had found a crashed alien spacecraft. It was a beautiful moment which caused me to waste several hours of working surfing the commuter forums.

Has anyone else had a moment like this when it was that clear, that a change had taken place?