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    explody pup

    Bad upper shoulder pain

    When I ride long distances I get a very sharp and distracting pain between the upper portion of my left shoulder blade and my neck. So bad that it actually feels like it's been cut open if I pull at the right angle and hurts when I try to massage it. And then it'll hurt off an on for a week after a long ride and feel like something is catching when I move my shoulder the wrong way.

    I've used a bike fit calculator to try to get close to my ideal setup and have subsequently raised my bars. This had no effect on the pain.

    A friend suggested I work on my core muscles so they can take on more of the load. Something I should be doing, anyway.

    Just wanted to see what you folks think or if anyone here has experienced something similar and found a solution.


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    In my professional opinion you have bursitis. I'm not a doctor, and I'm not in the health care profession, and frankly I don't even really know what bursitis is, but that's the type of great advise I feel like dispensing today.

    Two wheels good. Four wheels bad.

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