I'm pricing a self-built Surly Cross Check with Shimano 105 components at about eur 1,600 (USD $2000). That does include tools to the value of eur 380 that I can reuse, but it's a hell of a hit to take upfront even so.

Despite the good deal on the frame I'd get online the cost of the "finishing kit", saddle, bars, stem, as well as the expensive Park Tools needed, make this impossible to justify. I could probably get this with complete Ultegra built up from the shop for the cost of the full self-build with 105. Here's the numbers:

Self building:

Surly CC frame, 105 groupset, all components including wheelset components, plus tools to build it all up: eur 1,614.63 (2,063.10 USD)

Self building budget option:

Surly CC frame, Tiagra groupset, pre-built wheels, all other components plus Park Tools Work Stand: eur 1,281.60 (1,636.80 USD)

Off the shelf shop build:

Surly CC frame, Tiagra groupset, pre-built wheels (estimate), all other components but no tools: eur 1,050.00 (1,341.64 USD)

Planet X Kaffenback:

Planet X Kaffenback, 105 groupset, pre-built complete, no tools not including delivery (~60eur): eur 1,038.67 (1,327.78 USD)

Some other options and detailed breakdown in my bike build budget here. "Finishing kit" means saddle, bars, stem etc btw.

I think I'll have to go for a pre-built, just too damned expensive! I'm looking for decent 2nd-handers with nice spec, haven't found anything good yet. Any other suggestions?