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View Poll Results: What interests you the most?

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  • High end road bike

    53 51.96%
  • High end Mountain bike

    24 23.53%
  • Track bike

    11 10.78%
  • Restored antique

    21 20.59%
  • Fixed or Single Speed conversions

    25 24.51%
  • Interesting beater bike

    24 23.53%
  • Nice touring bike

    36 35.29%
  • A bike with a pet in a basket or a trailer

    12 11.76%
  • A trike

    7 6.86%
  • Tandem

    8 7.84%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    POWERCRANK addict markhr's Avatar
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    none of the above

    I usually trawl the interbike photos for:
    -gear box bikes - like the nicolai g-boxx and honda rm1
    -chainless bikes
    -cyclocross bikes with disc brakes
    -anti-dive suspension bikes
    -folding bikes with all the above options
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    High end mountain bike and interesting builds. By that I use this area as a reference. I find single speed or fixed gear old road bike the most "neat" AND old beach cruisers converted or restored. Both are rare and fun to see.

    High end mountain bikes are the nature of my riding and the area. Its the meat in Whistler. Everyone that rides...has a mountain bike. Thats are probably 7,000 mountain bikes in a town of 10,000 people (likely more) along with 5000 dogs. Just a fact, everyone has one and most have 2.

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    I've been looking for a classic bike to restore but so far no luck locally, may try E-Bay pretty soon but that thought kind of spooks me since I won't know if I'm dealing with a crook or not.

    Next year we have a trip planned for England so I will be taking a small detour to Mercain bike shop outside London about 50 miles north to have touring bike custom built. I wanted a Woodrup but they have not responded to any of my numerous E-Mails; maybe they don't like Yanks.

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    Senior Member oilfreeandhappy's Avatar
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    And don't forget Folders.

    Quote Originally Posted by Machka
    What have I seen? Hmmmm ....

    Just to name some off the top of my head:
    -- racing bicycles of all shapes, sizes, materials, and prices
    -- mountain bikes of all shapes, sizes, materials, and prices
    -- fixed gears and single speeds
    -- antique bicycles, ranging from a Hollingsworth(?) to various Ordinaries (Penny Farthings).
    -- a new Penny Farthing being ridden by a guy riding around the world.
    -- touring bicycles
    -- sport touring biycles
    -- recumbents of all shapes, sizes, and materials ... two of which I had the opportunity to ride
    -- tandem recumbents
    -- trikes (the recumbent kind)
    -- tricycles (the adult kind)
    -- a triplette
    -- lots of tandems (I own one)
    -- a bicycle that an elderly man on the PBP made from scratch
    -- other bicycles acquaintances of mine made from scratch
    -- choppers and other alternate bicycles ... there were several of that sort of bicycle in Winnipeg, and they used to cruise around the parks
    -- several unicycles ... my uncle has a unicycle, and there's a place near where I live now that sells them. The owner's kids ride up and down the street on them. That place also sells Catrikes and has an array of old penny farthings! Very interesting place.

    And not a bicycle, but a part of one ... a friend of mine has made the gears for one of the participants in the HPV competitions on the Salt Flats ..... you know the ones where they try to set speed records with HPVs? Well, the competitors in those events can't just buy a chainring from Nashbar, they need something really big. My friend is a machinist and he showed me a chainring that he made for a friend of his ...... the thing was HUGE!!
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