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    Should you ride each day, does that harm tomorrows ride.

    THis week I have been out each day on the bike. Not particularily difficult rides, but somewhat longish rides. Each day when I get on the bike, I sort of feel the burn upon taking on that first hill. So, today, I am taking off, because tomorrow my club is doing a 110 km ride up in hill country.
    Should you ride daily, do you find it to be just too much riding. And if you legs feel the burn , will it make that next challenging ride really difficult. Do not riders such as those who do the long , difficult tours have to face this dilema.

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    People train hard multiple days and that is normal, but its necessary to at least take 1-2 days off and do nada physical wise for recovery. When you do a lot of training, you rip up the muscles on a microscopic scale, and recovery days allow the muscles to heal and get stronger. Constant training (weeks with no breaks) will eventually take its toll when muscles start tearing or pulling.

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