To all the people who helped with my various questions in the various subforums, thank you.

I am making a basic bike lock guide (which has a lot of links and pointers to other people's excellent works) which hopefully can help people answer what type of security they need for a bike, and why. I'm fairly busy, so its slow going, but I'm looking for some people to look it over for glaring errors before it hits the Net. It will likely be a rather large guide, as I'm trying to go into some good detail on products. I also want to run it by people who are selling a product to make sure stuff is accurate about what they sell, without having it be an overt advertisement.

I'm mainly concerned about accuracy. I was tempted to buy a number of locks, and do "hardware compression" tests, but I have grave concerns about what metrics do I grade by, and how many locks I would have to thrash to get a representative sample. I don't want some inaccuracy on my side making a company's product look bad for no reason. Instead of this, I will try to focus on features offered and advertised by lock makers, and what (relatively little) I know.

I have a lot of positive views on a number of companies, but I'm trying to make the guide as objective as I can, listing product suggestions (rather than endorsements), and why this product xxx is suggested for use yyy. I also want to avoid disparaging products overtly. Even the cheapest lock that would pop when dropped is better than no lock at all.

Disclaimer: I don't work for any security company as of now... Locks have been a hobby of mine, and my philosophy is that nothing is even near 100% secure, but its nice to know details of what is out there to find the best protection for the risks involved.

If anyone is interested in reviewing this guide (I have no release date/time due to school, so I'll be trying to do chapters of it here and there,) feel free to PM me.