I know this is somewhat off topic, however, I also know I'm not the only one who runs either to cross train or for tri's.

I was going to get a forerunner but it was knawing at me not to spend another couple hundred on a gps device. I knew the Egde would work for running, the only problem was securing it somehow. I spent an hour google'ing for something that would work and just found a bunch of people asking the same question but no answers. Once I found something I decided to post it for everyone.

So I spent a few hours looking for cases and a few cell cases could have done the job however I found one that was perfect:

The DLO Action Jacket for Sansa e250 MP3 Player. Its a perfect size, has a clip and armband, and also has a perfect viewing area for the stats. I tried it running and it worked like a charm, heart rate and pace stats worked beautifully. It was pricey at $30, however I saved a couple hundred just staying with the Edge.