Cycling for fun is an online cycling game. It is free and you can play with other managers from all over the world.

You will manage your own cycling team, changing training, the strategy, promoting new riders from the youth team and you will be able to make the financial decisions, drafting new riders, buying new material or even selling your team clothes.

The game is organized in different divisions and each group contains 75 teams. Every group competes in separate competitions. The stages are real so you can find stages with the Mont Ventoux, the Paris-Roubaix or the mythical Mortirolo.

The 3 “grand boucles” are ridden every season so you can get the “maglia rosa” in the Giro, the “maillot jaune” in the Tour and the “maillot oro” in the Vuelta. Beside of this we still have the old and mythical World Cup and every Saturday we run these stages. If you achieve a victory, a podium or a good place in the stage or in the tour you will get points and money. At the end of the season the team which had achieved the most points will be the CFF Champion. The first five of each group are promoting to a higher level. However, the last fifteen of the group will demote to a lower divison.

Every Sunday we run the World Championship where each national team chooses the best 9 riders to win the stage. At the end of the season, the country which had achieved the most points will be the World Champion. The rider who obtained the most points in the World Championship will ride the next season in the rainbow jersey.

CFF has 18 nationalities at this moment, and some new can be added if ten players from another nationality will join to the game. Besides, every country has their own section in the forum where you can find from help for beginners to new friends from different nationalities.


Try the game and join now You won’t regret it