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    ReDesigning the bicycle repair stand! Mechanics WE NEED YOUR HELP!

    Dear Mechanic,
    my name is Paul Franke and my partner's name is Ed Gallagher. We are both industrial design students and bicycle mechanics. We are currently working on re-Designing the current bicycle shop repair stand. Park Tools states their PSR-O2 work stand has been “the standard for the past 30 years.” It’s about time that things change.
    Just like many mechanics out there working in the small town shops day in and day out or even the larger shop with large amounts of inventory, space, and revenue...most mechanics use the stand Park Tools offers. There are some problems with the current stand some people think so, others may not; this thread is for thoes who would like to improve some things about the stand. Problems may range from simple things like having to adjust the clamp to the seat post size being clamped to issues like repeated lifting of heavier bicycles into the clamp that can over time have a negative affect on the human body. We are not bashing Park or any of the other companies who have spent years designing, manufacturing, and selling these stands but our challenge is to design a better one.
    Here is what we want from you.
    1. Tell us what you dislike about the stand if there is anything. Think about the tasks you normally do day in day out and how they could be assisted better by the stand to help you work more efficiently.
    2. Tell us what suggestions you have to solve some of the problems you have run into. Think about small or large improvements Park and other companies could make to produce a better stand. Also what things have you done to make your stand better suited to your needs?
    3. If you were to have the bicycle stand of the future or maybe not so distant future (we are thinking conceptual here): what would it be like, how would it work, what kind of accessories would it have on it, how much would you spend on your dream stand, and better yet does it have a style to it?
    If you have photos of your current stand you use or a simple sketch of what you believe to be your dream stand to be post them on here or send files to:

    Thank you for your help in possibly changing the way bicycle mechanics interact with their stands. If you would like to be updated on the progress we make and directions we choose to go in please send a short email to Ed or myself (Paul) telling us you want updates. please see the attatched file for our design purpose and intent.

    keep on wrenching,
    Paul Franke and Ed Gallagher
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