Like a turd that won't flush or Adam West in leotards, LandRider infomercials just won't go away. Thanks to a light stomach bug, I was up early this morning and watched two different Landrider infomercials on different channels. I learned that this magnificient machine was not $500 but only $400 and if I called within the next 6 minutes (any 6 minutes will do) I could receive a free $100 upgrade that included alloy cranks and a suspension seat post. I also learned that many bikes at the bike shops cost more than the LandRider and I am to dumb to shift a rear derailure but anyone is smart enought to shift a front derailure since the autoshift is only on the rear.

I said that to say this, does anyone actually know someone who's bought one of these things personally and what was there experience with it? True confessions?