its nice to know im not the only big guy riding im starting at 315lb my goal is to 250 and i can get a real bike i test rode a EZ1 from the LBS and the poor little thing groaned a littel when i got on it. I emailed them asking what weight rating they had on the thing and they said the any thing over 260 they recommend a different set of rims but since i wont be getting one till i can get down to 250 it shouldnt matter. saddly my commute hasnt gone at all. im in the process of making a trailer so i can haul the stuff i need to take with me. as is i have nowhere to leave things at work and with this bunch if its not locked up you might not like what they do to your stuff. but im still going out after dark once the wife gets home so i can be ready once i get this trailer made but i really dont know how far ive gone guess i need to get a puter