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Old 05-27-03, 11:11 PM   #26
We drive on the left.
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I was never taught the "imperial" system of measurement, it has always been metric. However we (Aussies) still refer to the old system in daily language and use both systems depending on the context.

I am 5,8 never 175cms
I weigh 65kilos never 143 pounds
My car gets 40mpg not kilometres per litre
We use 4x2 wood not 10cm x 5cm
A photograph is an 8x10 not an 20cm x 25cm
A drag strip is a 1/4 mile not 400metres
A drag car does 400kph not 250mph
The Indy 500 is 500 miles not 800kms

It's all very interesting

I once asked for a half dozen eggs and the girl said "they only come in packs of 6 or 12".
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Old 05-28-03, 12:24 AM   #27
Jubalayo Unogwaja!
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I vote for 24hr and always have done. I'm also pure metric. None of that stones, pounds, ounces, inches, miles, gallons mularkey for me. No sir. Give me kilos, meters, liters. No matter what people think of the french, I am grateful for the travels of Delambre and Mechain who and spent 7 years formalising the original platinum meter.
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Old 05-28-03, 12:47 AM   #28
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I measure:
my (golf) drives in metres;
my putts in feet; and
my beers in pints.
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Old 05-28-03, 06:09 AM   #29
Center of the Universe
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Originally posted by Jaimie65
I measure:
my (golf) drives in metres;
my putts in feet; and
my beers in pints.

mmmmmm, beer
we get confused over here cause we get our beer in Pints, that aren't really pints but some places do offer us an "imperial" pint that are not really "imperial" pints

P.S I messure my golf drives in inches so that would be mm over there
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Old 05-28-03, 06:51 AM   #30
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Being a survey engineer I convert back and forth in my head cause I know the conversions and use them so often. I will look at something at work, estimate it's length and in my head I'll say that's about 3 feet and write down 1 metre. :-) I know, I know, 1 metre is 3.2808 feet, BAH! what's the big deal about 3/10s of a foot anyhow? :-)

However I am 6 feet 180 pounds, but last weekends ride was 80km. I fill up my car in litres but I buy 2x4s.

Ahhh, Canada is slowly going metric.....inch by inch.

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Old 05-28-03, 08:15 AM   #31
Its a Lemming thing...
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One thing in favor of the english system, to me anyway...

Measurement of length (the foot) is based on 12 rather than 10.

This is bad in many events, but it can make some situations easier as 12 is evenly divisible into thirds and fourths.

1/4 of 12 is 3
1/3 of 12 is 4

but with the metric system:

1/4 of 10 is 2.5
1/3 of 10 is 3.3333333333333333333 (repeating to infinity)

not that all of that is a big deal, but as far as some things go & doing the math in your head english can be easier...

Overall though, I wish the world would standardize on something, apparently the metric system. As a VW fanatic I only have metric tools, so i've already standardized

For bolts & nuts metric is far superior, having gotten used to the logical sizing of wrenches, i'll never miss having tried to use an 11/32 wrench and trying to figure which size in my disorganized toolbox would be the next bigger.



P.S. most metric & english fasteners have close equivalents. I can use a 13mm wrench on a 1/2 hex head, but the two can't thread into each other etc.

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