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    Stem suggestions for small head tube


    I have a very small fuji fixie conversion, which also has a small head tube (not sure of the measurment). The stem I am using now is a pretty standard old-school road bike threaded stem, but because the head tube is so small, I can't adjust the stem to be as low as I would like. Thus, I am looking to get a shorter stem if possible, but I would like some advice. Do they make very short threaded stems? I'd be flattered to come across a Nitto that's just my size, but I won't get my hopes up. If it helps, my frame is a 46er.


    p.s. my sincere apologies if someone has already posted this question. This forum has gotten so exstensive that it's hard to search all the threads for the exact conversation you're looking for.

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    You should be able to find something that will fit your needs on ebay. Search for "quill stem," you'll find all sorts of possibilities. Just make sure you get the right size clamp diameter to fit your handlebars. If your bike is an older Fuji road bike, you'll more than likely need a 25.4mm clamp size-

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