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    Sun Key West Cruiser?

    I would like to start biking on the country roads this summer. I'm looking for a descent beginner bike that doesn't cost a lot. The hardware store I work at carriers Sun bikes. A guy I work with used to work at a bike shop, and said they were descent. I'm looking at a Aluminum Sun Key West Cruiser. After my discount it would cost me $225 + tax. Is this a good deal, and a would it make a ok beginner bike?
    Any thoughts are apreciated, thanks,
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    It's a beach cruiser. I don't see anything wrong with it. And one of my LBS's does carry Sun bicycles, so yeah, they are a "real" bike company. It looks fine if you're just going for a "cruise," heh

    It should be an ok beginner bike, if you just want to relax and cruise around the neighborhood. I wouldn't recommend it if you wanted to go mountain biking or really long distances, but you're looking for a beginner bike, so this should be ok. Test ride first, see if you like it before buying, though.

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