First of all thank you everyone for you kindness, support and condolences.

Second the service at the funeral home was last night. He was loved by so many people there was a line outside the door and the place was packed full.

For those that do not know what I am speaking of, last Friday a fellow cyclist took his own life.

After the service the members of the bike club that were present all went to one of our favorite bars/pizza places and had our little memorial in his honor. We drank a quite a few toasts to him and shared all of the positive and funny stories that we all remembered with him.

He was a great role model for a lot of people, and he was a loved by many and will be missed by everyone who knew him.

The bike club has decided to have some sort of memorial as a tribute to him. We do not know what yet.

Some of the ideas suggested so far has been a bench along the bike trail with his name on it and a tree right next to the bench as a living memorial. There has also been talk about a band that the club members can attach to their bikes in his memory. And a annual memorial ride in his honor as well.

I would like to ask the forum members here for some other suggestions for a memorial dedicated to him in his honor and memory. If you do not feel comfortable publicly posting it then please by all means P.M. me with your suggestion.

Thank you.