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Thread: I actually won!
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    I actually won!

    I won a Mountain Cycle Rumble frame from my LBS the other day. They had a raffle and drew my name after receiving entries over the last month and a bit. It was a pleasant surprise after a pretty crappy weekend.

    Thing is I already have a decent hardtail, and didn't really have a place for such a burly, yet beautiful hardtail in my stables. The LBS gave me a credit for the frame and for a couple hundred bucks more, I'm the happy owner of an chrome and navy blue '02 Kona Stinky Dee-Lux.

    I've already got the parts spec'd out in my head and can't wait to get started on it. I used to own a '99 Stinky a little over a year ago and sold it to try something different. Been missing it ever since. I'm really stoked about this. My basement work shop stable is getting crowded, time to referb the garage into a sweet, work shop / bike hangout.

    For the curious its probably gonna "look" like this:
    '03 Rock Shox Boxxer Race.
    Chris King Headset, (maybe steel set, haven't decided)
    Mavic 321's laced to 20 mm front hub, (which one I don't know) and an XT in the rear.
    Probably all LX drivetrain, 9 spd., (would like XT I'll see what the finances are like).
    Kona 3 pc. cranks.
    Shimano DX pedals.
    Titec Hell Bent handle bars or other and Bezerker saddle.
    Mr. Dirt chain guide.
    Thompson 70mm stem and laid back seat post.

    Its gonna be a while before I start the build. Gotta pay off some debts and save some money first. Probably not for a two to three months. During that time, I'll probably go nuts looking at the bare frame sitting in the repair stand. I'm really stoked about this.
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    Well? How about some pics of what you've got so far?

    You are one lucky duck! I never win anything...

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    I had a winning streak end last year. I'd been after a Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital camera and bought a raffle ticket. I had a 1:25 chance of winning a good prize in the final round. I missed out on the one week, first class flights and 5-star hotel for two, but I did win the Coolpix 5700!

    Then I bought a Dewalt drill and sent the registration card not expecting to win anything, but gulp!, I got a letter telling me I'd won Dewalt power tools to the value of nearly $500.

    Not a bad start to 2003!
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