Ok, I've been riding my 2001 sirrus comp for a few months now. Having a great time doing the commute thing 20 miles each way a couple of times a week and some weekend rides by myself or with friends on the beach or in PV. I'd like to do a century someday. :thumbup:

Pretty much everytime I ride I find myself eyeing the roadies. I want one....

My question is how much difference would I notice riding a full roadie like a felt, lemond or litespeed versus my Sirrus? Will I find that much more speed and efficiency even with my hand position on top like I see most riders?

I haven't ridden that style of bike well EVER(except my teenage Sears 10 speed). So I don't really have a clue except that I want one....

I bought my Sirrus as a starter bike to see how it I enjoy cycling, so getting a full roadie isn't totally off plan.

I just wonder how much of my envy is real and how much is in my head about wanting a new toy

I don't really want to bug my LBS's for test rides till I can justify myself getting bike 2 so I thought I'd bug you folks instead