Hi All,

I need your help! My friend Brian and I entered a contest sponsored by Race Face to win a free trip to Trans Germany - an 8-day, 500 mile mountain bike race across Germany - and we've made it into the final round! In order to WIN, we need votes, your VOTES. Basically, each of the final three teams has a 90 second video posted online and now it's just a popularity contest. Our video is a bit embarrassing to say the least, but remember we are trying to win a contest based on internet votes so we had to make it ridiculous and most of you will think it's funny. You can check it out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZExPj3PQybY Unfortunately, Race Face has made it somewhat complicated to vote, but please bear with us and follow the instructions below:

To vote:
1) Go to http://www.raceface.com/community/uxc/index.html
2) Click on "2007 Trans Germany" in the lower right hand corner
3) Click on "the videos"
4) Enter your email address and a password and follow the instructions to authenticate your email
5) Log into the Race Face site and watch the videos
6) Vote for Team Dirtbag
7) Send this on to EVERYONE you know

We're counting on you! Please ask your friends to vote too.