I wrote recently about the problems I've had with my new Hobson Pro-Hub seat. Thought I should follow up.

In spite of Hobson's claim to the contrary, it is impossible to mount my Topeak wedge pack on the bike using regular hardware. I came up with a Sanford and Son solution using a black cable tie, but I'm not happy. The seat rails don't project up and out the way ordinary seat rails do, so they're too low and narrow for a wedge pack to attach to. This seems like a ridiculous design error. All they had to do was extend the rails at the rear.

As I noted before, the seat is extremely tall, so you have to mount it two inches lower than the seat it replaces. What if your seat is already very low on the bike? You're SOL. There will be no way to mount the Pro-Hub low enough. Don't even think about ordering one of these things unless your current seat is mounted at a height at least two and a half inches above the lowest position.

The underside of the seat interferes with the bolt that attaches it to the seatpost. With the seatpost I bought (I had to replace my original post in order to accommodate the Pro-Hub), the only answer is to saw a quarter of an inch off the end of the bolt. It might be possible to grind metal out of the seat hardware to let the bolt pass.

I can't understand how a company that makes bicycle seats could screw up so many obvious details. On the other hand, the seat feels fine and doesn't have a horn that mashes your genitals when you ride.

I should have just bought a comfort bike, a white belt, and some Bermuda shorts and been done with it.