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    Atlanta: Clubs + Ride Area

    It is possible I may be moving to Atlanta soon.

    I am really fortunate here in Houston as I live in an area that has great country roads for riding.

    I have also found a great cycling club - lots of pace groups, very social and welcoming to newbies, good rides. (Only drawback - they are 40 minute drive from home - only do Saturday rides)

    I have a few questions:

    Are there any areas of town that are good to live / ride in? (Office is in the Perimiter area, but I commute almost an hour now anyways) We genarally prefer the country areas. (Have 4 dogs - big dogs, not city dogs)

    Also, I would be looking for an area that has an active, social, welcoming club to join.

    Any help is appreciated. I know Atlanta is not the best place to ride, but neither is Houston.

    Thanks in Advance!


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    We have a club through Bicycles Unlimited in Peachtree City that covers the south side of ATL. There are a couple other clubs down here bu I do not know much about them. Check out the calenders on and Also has a lot of good info for the area.
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