HI , i live in sweden.
I had a damaged fork on my Cannondale bad boy 700 disc '07 .
and i am currently waiting for my new fork to arrive ( replacement fork from Cannondale) .
in the mean time i have have a replacement on the bike .but its a very long fork and makes the front end of the bike RISE up chopper style almost , well not that bad but very close . it feels very strange to ride as the front wheel is too far forward.. anyway , after all this my question is.
what is the length of the original fork for the bad boy 700 disc '07 model ? i cannot find the specs anywhere ,anyone else have this model ?
This replacement fork was shipped on the 24th of may , but it seems like its coming on canoe from tierra del fuego to sweden ..

any help would be great .
MVH , Cheers Timo