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Old 06-11-07, 11:33 PM   #1
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Time to be back aboard after *cough* vasectomy?

Well, I've scheduled it. July 5. Anyone here been through this who can shed some light on when I'll feel like riding? My MD is good but I won't have the opportunity to talk to him again until the day of the procedure.
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Bob Ross
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Coincidentally, the urologist who performed my vasectomy was a former member of the cycling club I currently belong to. He said I should plan to take three weeks off the bike; it might wind up being two weeks, it might be four, but plan on three.

That's what he said *before* the procedure.

I wound up having some complications post-procedure -- all self-inflicted, all a result of me *not* following doctor's orders re: convalescing -- and it still only wound up being three-and-a-half weeks off the bike. First ride (just two miles, to make sure I could do it) felt a bit "funny", kinda tender, so I was real hesitant. Second ride I did 40 miles, and I was still a bit tender, so I didn't give it my all. By the third ride I was back to my usual self.
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Old 06-12-07, 10:12 AM   #3
Velo Dog
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I'm with Bob Ross--follow the doctor's instructions. Coincidentally, two friends and I wound up having the procedure within a couple of days of each other, all by the same doctor (we didn't know we'd all scheduled it until a day or two before, when the first one in said, "Oh, @$%#, Tuesday's the day"). I'm a wuss, and I followed the directions exactly. Can't remember, but I think it was two weeks. I had no problems, almost no post-op discomfort, nothing. One of the other guys went on vacation right after his, so he didn't ride, and he had no issues.
The other guy, who happens to be a doctor himself, figured he knew more about his body than any damn urologist and was back riding in a couple of days. He got a lot of swelling, pain, and wound up being off the bike for several weeks.
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Old 06-12-07, 07:25 PM   #4
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I was off the bike for 2-1/2 weeks.
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Old 06-12-07, 09:15 PM   #5
rebmeM roineS
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The wife got me fixed after our 19-year-old son was born; can't remember anything bad about the procedure or the recovery or how it affected my cycling.
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Old 06-12-07, 09:19 PM   #6
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I was off work for 3 days and off the bike for another 7 after that.
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Old 06-12-07, 11:30 PM   #7
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I was off for 3-4 weeks but then I was alergic to the sutures they used
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Old 06-13-07, 10:21 PM   #8
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+1 on following the doctor's instructions exactly.

I had two friends that didn't.

The first had a bit of an infection, and he didn't go back to the doctor until the swelling got *really* bad. He was in a considerable amount of discomfort for a couple of weeks.

My second friend, instead of sitting on his butt, went to a football game, walked a couple of miles to the stadium and then up hundreds of steps. He was also in a lot of discomfort for a couple of weeks.

The procedure itself isn't bad at all.

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Old 06-14-07, 02:05 PM   #9
Sensible shoes.
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Anyone done the version where it's just two little incisions ("no scalpel" IIRC)? I understand it's far less recovery time than traditional or VasClamp methods.

This scary little procedure looms in my future. *shudder*
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I was off the bike for 2 weeks

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