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    tire size, speed and number of flats?


    I'm rolling on a set of 28c TransWorld City's, and the only flat I've gotten so far (only a few hundred miles) was when I rode over an upturned roofing nail, and I don't expect ANYTHING to stop that. I don't expect these are the most efficient tires in the world, and on the gravely roads I ride, I'm often getting gravel stuck in the treads, and then popped off as it hits the brake. (the body of the brakes, not the pads)

    I was thinking of moving down to 25's or 23's, but my friend who rolls on 23's seems to spend more time replacing tubes than he does riding.

    my bike is just a commuter, and I only ride 13 miles a day (6.5 each way) so dependability is important, and I kinda like the cushion factor.

    Would just switching tires but staying in 28's make any noticeable difference?
    Will changing widths even really make a noticable difference to someone who doesnt race?

    Are thinner tires far more flat prone, or is it just that my friend is flat prone?

    Thanks =)

    -- James
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    Your friend's tires are prolly performance road tires without puncture protection(like your Transworlds). Also,skinnier tires can be vulnerable to pinch flats.

    For general commuting,especially on gravel roads,I wouldn't go any skinnier than 28s. For what you've described,I'd recommend some Specialized Infinities in 32mm. They roll really well(well-designed tread,100psi),should do well in gravel without picking any up,and I've never had any flats with Flak Jackets. You also might want to look at Vittoria Randonneurs in 28mm,which have lower psi,but smoother tread and less weight. They're also puncture protective and come with reflective sidewalls.

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