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    Nahsbar tubes for 700 x 23c wheels

    I have 700 x 23c wheels, or tires. It says that size on the tire. Kiendra Kontender.

    I bought this today, along with patch kit, and shifter cable.

    Will this fit my tire/wheel? What's going on with extra long valve? Is it going to stick out too much and cause wheel imbalance?

    I still have time to call back and change it.

    By the way, all this cost me less than buying on eBay. On eBay people want to make either 15 bucks or 20 bucks, and that's minimum. Here, service, and good price. Excellent stuff. Thought I still biking to my walmart when I fix up, just for funs.

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    They'll be fine. The "23" in the 700 x 23c marking on your tire refers to 23mm wide. Since 23mm falls neatly between 20mm and 25mm, you'll be fine.

    The long presta valves are designed to work with deep section rims. If your rims don't have deep sections the valve stems will just stick up a little farther than you're probably used to. Functionally, they won't be a problem.

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