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Old 07-05-03, 10:18 PM   #1
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doggy bicycle seats?

since i got my beagle puppy i haven't been riding my bike at all. he's about 4 and a half months now and 12 pounds. too heavy to be taking him around in my big patagonia messenger bag which i drape over my front. i have to pedal bow-legged too,to prevent rocking him back and forth and severely chafing my inner thighs. anyway, it's good enough to be taking him to the big doggy park, but would not work for anything longer than a mile.

has anyone ever tried a rear rack mounting child seat for a dog? i googled 'dog bicycle seat' and nothing came up.

doggy bicycle helmets?

i really don't want to have to try the front delivery basket mounted on the handle bars.

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toby my beagle. he wants to ride with me.
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Old 07-06-03, 12:35 AM   #3
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I bolted a 12' square plastic box to the rack on the back of my bike. Carried my daughter's mini Schnauzer in it. He would bark constantly.
I had a beagle when I was a kid, you know they wander, I hope. They follow their nose and then have no idea how to get home. Keep phone # and address on his collar.
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Old 07-07-03, 03:50 AM   #4
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There was a couple that biked across PA a few years ago that converted a trailer to tow their german shepherd...
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Old 07-07-03, 06:21 AM   #5
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I've seen assorted little kids being carted around in those BOB (beast of burden) trailer things. You might have luck with that, but I would worry too much about safety to do it. I can't imagine putting a pup let alone a kid in one. But it might work if your pup was calm and your ride to the beach or playground fairly short.

But I did find a great link for dog goggles -- gotta protect those eyes! Plenty of cute pictures at .

Good luck!
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Old 07-07-03, 06:29 AM   #6
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heres a thread in the touring forum about touring with dogs, hope its helpful.
cute puppy

touring with a dog?
No matter how fast I'm going, I'm in no hurry.
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No help, but when I was younger I used to transport our Chihuahua on my chopper style bike.

I'd sit on the back of the seat (near the cissy bar - natch!) and the Chi would be down my sweatshirt with her head poking out the "V" and her derriere on the front part of the banana seat. It did necessitate a slightly bandy-legged riding style I admit.!

Periodically she 'd curl down for a snooze and sometimes would let out a single bark at passers by.

Sorry can't be a help, but your post has brought back some great memories and left me with a smile on my face. Chihuahuas are loaded with attitude.!!
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Old 07-07-03, 07:16 AM   #8
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I went through all of this two years ago, trying to take my 18lb Bichon with me on bike rides. I concluded that a child cart (Burley, Schwinn) was the best option. I had one for a while and fixed it up so that she could not jump out while going down the path. This necessitated a harness (NOT collar, she could choke) with a short tether attached to the inside of the trailer. With the top back, the sun beat down on her and she did not take to being tethered. She constantly cried, wanting out of the trailer, to run alongside, but she could not keep up. The ride was not pleasant for either of us so I sold the trailer.

SO....I went to something called a "Canine Cruiser". It attached to the bike with a little lead that allowed her to run alongside the bike. In order for it to be viable, I had to go REALLY SLOW. I mean hardly pedaling. For a medium sized dog this became a problem. Would not recommend it at all for a small dog and would be very conservative in using it for a large dog. We cover a mile or three easily on a bike, but for the dog it is too much. She did not like this either due to the restrictions and constant pulling along and at times would bump into the tire. I would not like it either! So, I ditched this device and left her at home, which was not my first choice, but nothing else seemed to work. Now she loathes my bike because it takes me away from her on adventures that she longs to experience! Yea, she's my buddy and I HATE to always leave her at home.

Since then I am reconsidering another trailer. This time one that will offer a flat, solid bottom. Since she is now an older dog, she might be more amenable to sitting and riding. My elderly mom has an electric scooter and she LOVES riding on that. Sits right up there. BTW, I would not take her on a road where there are cars whizzing by. Only on a bike path. I don't like cars and I would not feel comfortable having my dog sitting out there in traffic in a cart. But that is me...
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Old 07-07-03, 02:50 PM   #9
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I've seen homemade trailers built for towing dogs in & I've seen people simply bungee cord a plastic milk crate to a rear rack for a dog to sit in. They both seem to work well. And I imagine a Burley, B.O.B. or any other trailer meant for kids would wotk fine too.

If you use a trailer like a burley or a B.O.B. I recommend getting a dog seat belt. You can find them at Petco. The dog seat belt is actually a harness with a loop on the back of it so you can run the seat belt in a car through it to keep your dog contained. They work great.

A few more key things to taking your dog with you on rides is:
1. Make sure you have plenty of water for him too, (don't forget the water bowl either).
2. You'll more then likely have to stop more often then when you do not have him with you.
3. The time to start taking him with you in a trailer or carrier mounted to your bike is now when he is still quite young. This way he is trained and accostomed to going with you and how to behave.
4. Have some sort of I.D. attached or implanted in the dog. On a dog tag or you can have a chip planted under his skin as well.
5. Make sure you have yuor dog properly licensed and his shots up to date, especially rabies.
6. Make sure that when you stop and let him out of the trailer/carrier you have his leash to keep him under control as well.
7. Most importantly make sure taking him with is fun for the both of you.

Good luck.
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Old 07-10-03, 01:16 PM   #10
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I've been riding with my 45 pound American Eskimo much of this year - he loves it! We most recently completed the 70 mile route of the Tour de Cure in Brighton, Michigan, with several additional rides planned this year. Our biggest issue was coordinating potty breaks - no problems now!!!
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Old 07-10-03, 01:41 PM   #11
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I can't imagine wanting to CARRY my dog, so I've been using the item Chilidog described above, for several years: the K-9 Cruiser. It allows my dog to run on either side of my rear wheel, but not to get caught in front of the wheel, due to the short leash with a mounting point just behind the rear wheel. Since it connects to the rear axle and chainstay, the dog's leverage is minimized if and when he wants to take off at an angle, and I can easily bring him back into line with a slight accelleration (which brings him forward right behind the bike).

There's Gromit the wonder dog on one of our 10 mile off road jaunts.

It is very important, as mentioned above, not to go too fast for your dog to run. If you screw it up, they'll shred their pads very quickly. Start slow and short, and work up slowly. This makes for a happy dog.

"Hey, let's go!"
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Old 07-10-03, 01:52 PM   #12
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While looking for something else, I just came across a knock-off of the K-9 Cruiser, which sold for about $50. This one's $20 and a dead ringer:
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