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Thread: I just ate it.
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    I just ate it.

    So I got my brand spanking new Sirrus Sport a few days ago and I've been riding everywhere, every day..trying to gain some endurance.

    I rode downtown to have dinner with some friends and was headed home to clean up so we could hang out here. I was about to take a left to turn onto my street and for some ungodly reason I grabbed the front brake and flew over my handlebars just slowly enough so I could say, "****."

    I stopped myself with my hands and rolled. Minor rash on my knee and elbow. The CF barends I installed two hours before going downtown are scuffed and that's pretty much it...oh yeah, and a sore shoulder.

    When I picked up the bike I asked them to switch the brakes around because I was used to having the right side be the front brake from my experience motorcycling. I was a very cautious and safe motorcyclist and knew how to modulate brakes. I guess I got distracted and paid for it.

    First bike crash since being 12.



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    Outsmarted yourself, eh? That's usually the shortest route for me screw up.
    My two favorite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything.
    The perfect day: Riding a bike to the library.—Peter Golkin

    Lucky for me, I work at a library and bike to work.

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    First crash since 12? Ride more.

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