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Thread: foot and mouth
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    foot and mouth

    HELP! . what do I do?.
    The last couple of days I find myself on the "horns of a dilemma".
    As people know (well at least the Brits on this forum) we have had a severe outbreak of F & T . in Northumberland and I am right slap bang in the middle of it .

    There is loads of speel coming out from defra about dont make any journeys in the area unless absolutley neccesary
    They have set up a "blue box zone " whereby everything that moves in or out of the area recieves a thorough spraying from disinfectant

    My problem! do I want to cycle up to one of these road blocks and be given a spray by this glutinous disinfectant
    I dread to think of the effect this will have on my beloved cycle . But I already feel the effects of my need for my usual cycle ride routine .
    Do i run the gauntlet of this viscious spray or try to hold out until this crisis is over ( it may be weeks)
    Or maybe I could could use my wiles and sneek out using some unknown exits.
    I fear going out at the present time . I think there are these people from defra lurking in the bushes ready to pounce out on me with there deadly sprays and they are a fearsome sight , carbed in their suits that look like Neil Armstrong when he stepped onto the Moon .

    ANY advicce would be gratefully accepted!

    go with god.

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    Chris L does not know really know much about this, but his only advice would be don't visit any of the affected areas unless you absolutely have no other choice. Chris L thinks that sooner or later this foot and mouth thing will be sorted out, so there will (hopefully) be plenty of time to cycle those areas then. Why take unnecessary risks?

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