I've been hunting around for some spare spokes for my wheel set, but I'm finding it difficult to get the exact specs I need to get the right spokes.

I am riding an '07 Specialized Tricross Expert Double /w an S-Works E5 frame. The wheels are Roval Classique Pavé SL. I see Classique, and SL wheel sets, but never both words in the same title.

Spokes are DT stainless 14g butted, but it still leaves out the exact type and size. I know there are two sizes used on this bike, one in the front, and the same size in the back plus the larger ones on the drive side.

Is there anyone who has replaced these spokes who can give more specs as to the exact type and size they used? I assume I can go to my LBS and have them get me some replacements, but I'm just wondering where this information is hidden. I know there are spoke calculators out there as well, just gotta get a few additional details for those as well.