I apologize if this has been posted, but I could not find an answer. I have a bmx background, and on a light framed bmx bike I can bunnyhop around 2 ft. On my mountain bike I am not able to get very high though (not that I expect the same bunnyhop on a mountain bike.)

When I bunnyhop I pull the front end up first, followed by the back (when trying to clear obstacles and such). The problem seems to be that I can not get good enough leverage on the front end to pick it up quickly. I am fine when doing the style of bunnyhop in which both wheels leave the ground at the same time. I was wondering if having raised handlebars, or maybe a shorter stem would help, what do you think?

Also, my bike is a Giant with 21inch frame and I am 5'11'', It is currently equipped with clipless pedals.

I thought of this tonight when I was about to by a new pair of straight bars, so regardless I am getting new bars.