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    Kryptonite class action settlement lawsuit: 11/3/07 deadline

    I registered for the lock exchange in the class action lawsuit with Kryptonite (ROSEN vs Kryponite).

    Filled out the online forms, the locks i was returning and got my verification number. In a few days i get a UPS shipping label, so i can send my locks in. In exchange I get 3 brand new Krypto evolution mini U locks, with the new key system. (i had three locks affected by the tubular keyway)

    The process was very easy, the 24 help line staff at the attorneys were very friendly and helpful.

    Just a heads up that you need to register BEFORE November 2007.

    "Starting from the May 7, 2007 effective date, Class members will have 180 days (until November 3, 2007) to file a claim under the Settlement. No claim filed after 180 days will be processed. Kryptonite has commenced processing and fulfilling registered claim"

    more info:

    please note this does not apply if you have already exchanged your U locks with Kryptonite in the PREVIOUS exchange offer by Kryptonite.
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    Sorry, this should have been unstuck 11/4/2007.

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