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    several pedal questions

    - how long do clipless pedals usually last? i have the cheap ritchey comp v4 mtb pedals. the bearings are not sealed (there is a rubber o-ring that protects the bearings from dust, etc.). however, they use a proprietary head on the machine have to have one of those hollowed out torx screwdrivers in order to service the bearings. mine wore out about at about 1100 miles. is this typical for non-serviceable pedals?

    - i like recessed cleats so i use spd-r mtb pedals and shoes with my roadie. i'm considering pedals that use other styles of recessed cleats (and also some with more of a platform). speedplay and crank bro's are the 2 leading candidates. to those of you who have experience with them....what is the typical life expetancy for the various models for these brands?

    - free float.....6 degrees of float seems to be plenty for me. i'm concerned about the 20 degrees of float in the speedplays. i have a history of stability problems with my knees. will that much float make that problem worse? especially when pedaling while standing?
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    I have a pair of Shimano M520 SPD's on my commuter, with over 20,000 all-weather miles on them. I cleaned and re-packed the bearings at 10,000 and they're doing just fine, no signs of wear. I might re-pack the bearings again just to be sure.
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