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Thread: Go Go Go!
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    Go Go Go!

    Ok so im looking at bikes right now and i want a bike between $700-900 I could go for a more expensive one...but not right now. Anyway...that's what im looking for...and Im caught between

    07' Jamis Ventura

    Cannondale Capo

    '07 Specialized Allez Triple

    Cannondale Sport Road 500

    Cannondale Synapse Alloy 4

    Even though I dont WANT to break the $1000 barrier i do want a bike that's much lighter than my Toy's R Us 21 speed mountain bike. I want the bike to be fast and efficient...yes im aware the bike is only as fast as u make it...but...the bike's weight plays a part in that too...ur recommendations please!

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    What exatly do you want to do with the bike?

    Have you budgeted for any accessories?

    I'd take alook at the Jamis Sattelite, as it's not too spendy and is steel, which will give you a nice ride. I doubt you'll notice that it's a pound or two heavier than the Ventura, but you will notice the smoother ride.

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