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Thread: Onguard Brute
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    Onguard Brute

    I have an Onguard Brute Ulock and when I pick it up or it is moved it sounds like there is something loose inside it, sounds like a ball bearing is rolling around.

    It gets used fairly often and has been doing this for a couple of weeks now but otherwise still works fine.

    Ive read another post about Onguard locks jamming up and was worried if I continue to use this one it may jam and I wont be able to unlock it.

    Just wondering if anyone else has this lock with the same problem.


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    I used to think I liked my Onguard locks. Then I got a Kryptonite lock. It opens and closes much easier, I vastly prefer it. My Onguard has never jammed to the point I could not unlock it, but it did fight with me fairly regularly.

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