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Old 07-28-03, 06:24 PM   #1
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some days you eat the bear. . .

and some days the bear eats you.
like today.

Get home from work, its hot out (pushing 100) but talk
wife into doing easy 10 miler just to work out the weekend
kinks and try the fix for my ghost shifting.
Lubed all the cables, shifting seems fine.
uh oh, 2 miles in and it's still ghost shift, one gear specifically
in the back, got to double check that one.
Shift to big ring in front, ship the chain to far outward and
I'm about to do a LA on the toptube. Avoid that, downshift
front Derailleur, ok chain is on the big ring, remember to go easy
with the front shifts.
ride some more, nothing untoward happens.
5 miles, geez, my big toe is HOT. nothing else. Oh well it
will pass.
6 miles, saddle is loose, butt moving side to side. uh huh this
isn't working too well. Get off bike, tighten saddle.
Wife asks "Are you having a difficult time?" for the sake of
my marriage I don't answer.
mile 7.9 ok, things are much more easy now. . . BLAM!
oh sh*T there goes my conti Sprinter front tire, did I bring my
spare? no...
ok, don't want to ride it home (it was about 1/2 mile walk).
take off helmet, take off shoes and socks and Whoa that asphalt
is HOT (remember its pushing 100 here), walk on grass.
cut across grass by community pool, stop to get some
water from bottle, hey, that hurts. Look down to see Fire
ants on my foot. Hop around cursing. move out of fire ants
walk rest of the way home with no mishaps.
like I said, some days you eat the bear and
some days , well, you shouldn't even bother.

Sono pił lento di quel che sembra.
Odio la gente, tutti.

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Old 07-28-03, 06:31 PM   #2
Beyond caring. . .
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I suppose some clown saying, "Oh, well. It could have been worse," would probably get the clown slapped?

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I feel ya, Lotek-

Actually, I'm thinking about tomorrow's ride. I've been feeling tired lately and a bit off- took off Thursday and Friday, and I felt better Saturday, so I took my ride on Saturday and felt good. Then Sunday, I tried to get up early to do my ride, and I just went back to bed- no riding. Today, I felt good for my morning ride, but my afternoon ride, I was gritting my teeth. So I'm just wondering if I should do my planned ride in the morning. I guess I will keep your thread in mind, and if I'm not feeling it, I won't go for it, or I'll at least reduce my mileage.

Sometimes, when you're off, you're just off...

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blown tire with no air = bad
fire ants on foot = even worse

sounds like you need a few and take it easy. That ride really could not have gone any worse... but most of the following will be better i garentee it! and remember the more the less you should ride
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When you decided to eat, your eyes were bigger than your stomach.
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Old 07-28-03, 09:30 PM   #6
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Hope you didn't buy any lottery tickets today.
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Chris L
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I've had days like that (recently posted about my last one). There isn't always a lot you can do except forget about it and get on with the next one.
"I am never going to flirt with idleness again" - Roy Keane
"We invite everyone to question the entire culture we take for granted." - Manic Street Preachers.
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so today the bear ate me. Its not totally about biking, but here it goes. I wake up at 6:30, walk into the shower with it still being cold, miss my eye twice trying to put in the contacts. I get to work, and the machine i was working on was built and i proced to flash it and move the flash to the ftp server. I blew the machine away and tried to restore the computer from the flash.. for most of today i have been trying to get that to work. So this simple job took 5 + hours!!! And as i get ready to get my gear for biking together and I forgot my water bottles. Its an omen... so I think I'll just go home and get rolling on some stuff i did need to get done. It must be a sign... an Omen.... well.. its not worth staying another 4 hours for the machine to build AGAIN!

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