The email of the seller is:

I did a search on Google using the email address and just added at the end bike, Ford, Trek, just anything and is ridiculous how much stuff he sells everywhere on the web; motorcycles, bikes, boats, etc.

Here is all his info as I followed up as a regular customer to see how much I could get out of him.
He will also try to use an EBAY approved form which of course is fake to complete the transaction. I am pretty sure that even his name and address must be fake, but at least its something.

First Name: Tihan

Last Name: Mihai Cristian

Street: Dimitrie Bolintineanu #9

City,State: Braila,Braila

Zip code: 6100

Country: Romania

Once again, I am not selling anything, this is for members to be on the lookout for crooks like this one.