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    Thanks for great advice um.... but now I'm addicted!

    Okay, so I started out needing lights... and then I decided (and boy was I right) to get rid of my ill-fitting Gary Fisher helmet that was Way to small and get a new helmet. That put me in bike stores and left me cruising around here learning a ton and I've just done the most fun thing ever, which is to decide to keep my MTB which is a workhorse and a great bike but slow and take the plunge with a flatbar. SO I wanted to tap in here to thank you folks and say (yeay!) I settled on a Giant FCR1-w which I got a pretty good deal on. The ride is just incredible and she shoots out the gate. It's a TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE! So thanks to all you who gave such good advice in various and sundry posts. Especially: Moose, Bill Kapuan, dynarider, Bob Ross, Yen, oilfreeandhappy, slyjackson, mikepop, sonatainFsharp (hello Minnesota, I'm a Carleton grad),, powerglide, and retrogrouch.... I found your insights especially useful. In the end, I got the bike I love (well, adore) switched out of the clip on pedals and 28 tires for some 32 puncture resistant reflectors since I ride on back roads at night.
    Now... any suggestions about a rear rack pack. I'm thinking Axiom Columbus. Any suggestions?
    And a good lock? I'm kinda freaked out about that whole ball point pen thing, but if I'm going to ride this bike as much as I want I will need a lock to expand this universe.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks everybody.
    This is a real joy to me.

    (oh, and whoever wanted to know about the teal colored FCR1w it is in the 2008 catalog)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mulchie View Post
    And a good lock? I'm kinda freaked out about that whole ball point pen thing,
    If you go back and look at that thread, it was started in 2004 and locked in 2005. As long as you're not buying something that's been squirreled away in someone's stock room for three years, you'll be okay.

    As for how heavy a lock you need, that's dependent on where you are and where you lock up. The number, skill level, and determination of bike thieves varies widely. Give a clue as to that and you'll get better recommendations.

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