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    Thrift stores et al

    Found today for sixty bucks:
    Panasonic DX-5000 Hand made, Tange double butted frame.
    Full shimano 600 componentry. Early six-speed index shifting on a very nice shimano 600 freewheel. 700cc Araya rims.
    No wear on any of the components, one very minor nick on the frame. Bike appears to have been barely (if at all) pedaled since bought new.
    Two unfortunate blemishes: bio-pace chainrings, and the frame is very small (fits my 5' 2" housemate, but not six foot plus me).

    Offered bike to room-mate, but she likes the beach cruiser she bought and I repaired for her. Guess I'll strip it down and sell the frame and crank (I've got a pile of dura-ace cranks in the basement I found cheap/were given to me, so don't think I need the 600s). Still, pretty nice little find; until I find an all Campy-record at the thrift store, it's the best I've ever found.

    Thought I was having a good week last week when I found a pair of unworn Pearl Izumi winter tights (my size) for a fiver.

    Who says cycling is a rich man's sport?

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    Sometimes you find some great deals, I found a older bianchi a while ago with suntour components Araya rims nice 6 speed drive train and fairly light only about 2 nicks on the whole frame. Was a bit big for me 56cm so I replaced chain and tires and gave it to my bro, total invested with tiers and chain was around $50.

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