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    Hello All,

    I am new to the biking industry. I would like to buy a bike that would be great for a 7-10 mile trip to work as well as a few trail rides for select weekends. Does anyone know good websites to do research on all the competing hybrids? Does anyone have a suggestions to help me get started? Does anyone know of any good bike shops west of Sacramento?

    Any help would be greately appreciated.

    .....The Spider

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    Hi Steelspider, welcome to the forums!

    I guess the answer depends on what the trails you're going to be riding are like. If they're fairly smooth with no major hills a hybrid probably will be OK, especially if the commuting you're going to do is on pavement. A hybrid will give you good speed and handling on the roads and is alright for smooth trails. If the trail riding is more extreme you might want to consider a mountain bike, with smaller diameter tires (1.5) for the commute.

    I've been riding a Giant Innova hybrid for the last six or seven years which I commute on 40 kms/day, and have taken it on some trails as well, you just have to go a little slower with the thinner tires than you would with a mountain bike.
    Good luck!
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