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    Custom Painting / Engraving

    I want to build a commuter bike, preferably cross style since I have a frame available, but one thing is that I want to feel safe locking it for short periods. I've had bikes stolen and I never lock any of my bikes up out of sight anymore. So, if I'm going to lock a bike up in this town (where bicycles have a way of disappearing), it has to be very distinct. So distinct that if someone were to steal it, they would stick out like a sore thumb. So here's my idea:

    Basically, paint and / or engrave my name all over every part of the bike. Frame would have my name on it. Brake levers, cranks, rims (is this safe?), seatpost, maybe even the saddle!

    That way, even if someone stole the bike, they'd have a hell of a time parting it out. Everything would have my name on it!

    One question: how much does it usually cost to get a frame custom painted? I could do the engraving myself with dremel... heh.
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    With your name all over it, you are looking for someone to do airbrush work. From what I've seen, to have the bike sandblasted and custom airbrush painted is in the $600 ti $1000 range. A much cheaper alternative would be to find someone with a vinyl cutter (somone on ebay probably) and have them make you stickers you could use as masks and then paint the bike yourself. It will probably not look great but it will achieve your objectives and not looking great isn't a bad thing in a commuter.

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