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    Forge saranac CM comfort bike

    anyone own one of these? was thinking of getting one for neighborhood & long distant street and park riding/ sidewalk not much off road but want something comfortable....

    what i like about it is the price and the features its comes with...the color is cool...i like the black accents all around especially the handle bars/stem part area and the rims and seat post all matt blacked out... the only thing that i don't like that it say it has an adjustable stem and thats an error dosn't come with it...i guess i could get an adjustable matt black stem, if any know of a compatible matt black tho.... forge seems like a great company with and good me the bike seems great bang for the buck ... anyway here's the bike with features...

    my second choice of a bike was gonna be a trek 7300 hybrid very nice bike, which i tested out and rode at my LBS the '08 model but its as much i would spend on a bike about 420.00 plus tax hopefully they could give me a better deal... then again 199.99 for that forge at seems like a excellent deal for my budget i could get extra accessories for the rest of the savings... any thoughts?
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