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    Best womens shorts and chamois butter

    Hi all - I looked through a few pages and wanted to see what WOMEN think the best biking shorts are!!??? I currently own only one pair since I started biking a week ago and they are Pearl Izumi's Short Attack and I find them great while riding! But while not on the bike I feel like there is a "ton" of chamois! Almost to the point it is uncomfortable! Does anyone have any favorites? Any recommendations? And... Also... Comment on Chamois butter! I don't have any but have been told to get some and wanted to know what everyone thought PS - I ride a tandem and don't know if that makes a Chamois difference!

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    I buy the inexpensive shorts at MEC.

    As for Chamois Buttr ... unneccessary. That is, unless you're doing a ride on a very hot day (where you'll be sweating a lot); or a very rainy day (where your shorts will be soaked with rain). All Chamois Buttr and similar products do is to add a protective layer to the SKIN. When the skin is wet, it is fragile and that's when products like Chamois Buttr come in handy.

    But if your bicycle is set up correctly, if you've got a good saddle, and if you've got a decent pair of shorts, you should not need any sort of cream ... it's not like it's going to make your sitbones feel any better!!

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