Did I read in one of the Bike Forums something about some bike shop/store/site that you could put a deposit down and then get several saddle sent to you to try out?

I've been through the stock saddle, a women's Body Geometry and women's Serfas Rx saddles. The most recent, the Serfas has cured the mid-line "burning yearning" I was getting, (it has a deep, clear-through cutout). However, If I ride longer than an hour, I feel as if my "sit bones" are coming through the flesh of my butt--I suspect that the cushioning is not firm enough for my weight. I have put only two 40 mile rides on it and that torture device makes me VERY reluctant to go out on my bike again.

I really need a selection of saddles to try without having to shell out several hundred bucks to buy them first.

I live in Rancho Cucamonga, northeast of the city of Pomona, about 45 miles east of Los Angeles and if anybody knows of a shop within an hour's drive of here that can help me out, I'd try them also.