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    Tour de France - Have you Gone?

    (Also posted in Racing)

    I am planning to go to the Tour de France next year (after 10 years of wishing). I think it would be fun to hook up with other Americans at the Tour and root together for the USPS, Tyler, George, Lance, Kevin, Levi and the other American riders. Since I think other people would also like to connect with each at the Tour, I am creating a web site (Americans @ the 2004 Tour de France) where people can go to list their name (city, contact info, arrive/depart dates, towns visiting), Tour Tips (do's, don'ts, best viewing places, what to do, etc.), a Message Board and Info on the route towns (places to stay, food/drink, sites, etc.).

    If you have been to the Tour and/or have met other Americans (please pass this message on to them) that have also been to the Tour, I am wondering if you would like to provide information to this website. Information needed includes:

    Route Towns
    o Sites
    o Tour Vantage Points
    o Eat/Drink
    o Lodging

    Tour Tips
    o Suggestions
    o Do's, Don'ts
    o Best places to watch the race (cafe on a tv, course, start/finish, road side, etc.)
    o Hanging with the locals

    Hookup Chart
    o Provide a link to this website from your website so folks can email me their info (name, contact, arrive/depart date, route towns)

    I'd greatly appreciate any information you may be willing to contribute. I am doing this because I love cycling (no profit to be made) and like contributing to supporting U.S. cyclists.
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    Originally posted by dcholly
    (Also posted in Racing)
    Multiple postings in multiple forums is not allowed. Users will see your post when they click on View New Posts so really it's unnecessary.

    Nice idea regarding the site though... hope it works.

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