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Thread: Glove sizing
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    Glove sizing

    Sorry to have two apparel threads back to back like this, let me know if I should lump it into the same thread.

    How should I size for gloves? My palm circumference is exactly 9".

    A medium PI Gel-Lite fingerless is sized for 8"-9" palms, the large is sized for 9"-10" palms.

    The mediums feel too tight on my hands, the larges feel a bit long.

    Should I go with the tigher ones and hope they stretch out, or stick with a large, albeit bit more unwieldy fit?

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    When I purchased my gloves, I tried them all on and I decided to go with large. LIttle did i know that they were going to stretch and now they are too big for me. Remeber to take in to account stretching. Wish someone warned me aobut it......
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