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Old 09-24-01, 05:12 PM   #1
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I am back! Sorta....

Greetings, all! I rode my bike to work today!

No big deal, right? Well, it was for me! Last week, it rained real hard on Monday and Tuesday, so I drove to work. On Tuesday morning, while turning to sit in my chair, I suddenly experienced a great deal of pain in my right knee! I have a pretty high threashold of pain, and this thing hurt! I quickly took two aspirin, which as a rule fixes me right up....this time it didn't even take the edge off the pain. I made it through the day, then went home and put an ice pack on the knee, and took more aspirin. I didn't sleep well, as everytime I moved, my knee protested!

The next morning, I convinced myself that I could ride to work okay. (I have never been accused of being overly intelligent!) I took off, and worked the shallow side of The Hill without too much trouble. I rode for 10 miles, then turned around and headed back to work. As I approached the steeper side of The Hill, I decided that maybe I should see if I could stand on the pedals....big mistake! When the tears started flowing, I knew I was in distress! I sat back down, and spun ol' Blue up (thank God and Patty for the 11X28 cassette!!) and actually charged up the grade in pretty good shape! As soon as I had reached the top of the hill, I called the wife and told her I was in trouble, and to get me an appointment with a doc as soon as possible.

Ol' Blue delivered me safely home, and by the time I limped into the house, I had an appointment with a local Doctor. Here was my first piece of luck. Our regular doc was out of town, so I saw one whom I had never seen before, and lo and behold, she is a cyclist!! After a quick exam, she said she didn't think it was too bad, and usually she would have the patient take it easy for a couple weeks to see how it progressed, but in my case, it was off to the orthopedic surgeon, which was fine with me!

Now for the next piece of luck. Living in the country, the surgeon only visits one day a week...and that was the day! After he examined and x-rayed me, he felt that I had torn some cartilage around the knee. He told me that I could keep riding...but only on the flats, no hills! Then he said if on my next appointment, things are improving, then I can start easing my way back up some gentle hills, and work my way back up. If there is still pain, then he will try some non-cortizone injections, then if that doesn't work, surgery.

A nice benefit of all the riding that I have been doing....usually the surgeon would have the patient go through physical therapy, but my legs are in good enough shape that I don't have to!!

I enforced a self-imposed moratorium on riding untill today. I know that he told me I could ride on the flats...but I have these wonderful little pills, and when I take them, my knee does not hurt at all! And remember, I told you I wasn't too smart...I could just see myself pushing it too fast and hard because there was no pain! So, just to see how things were going, I quit taking my pills yesterday at noon. So far, no problems. The knee is a little sore, but not bad at all, and a lot better than it was 6 days ago!

So, it is time for me to roll ol' Blue out the back door, and enjoy another ride! Weather channel says I will have a 10 mph tailwind, so it will be easy spinning...sure would be easy to make it up The Hill a little ways...naw, not tonight, straight home like a good little boy.

Say, maybe I'm not so stupid after all!
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Glad everything turned out OK Nebill. Hope it keeps improving for you. Bet it felt great to get back in the saddle!
If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough...

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Good to hear you're back in that saddle.
Take it easy, don't jepordize the future.
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Kneebill!! What a hoot!

Thanks guys! Man, I spun 'er up to a faster cadence than normal, and just cruised along having a ball! Great to be back in the saddle again! My thighs are burning a little, which actually feels great, and the knee is really pretty darned good! Just a very little ache there now. Hurt worse walking into the house than it did on the bike! Still no pain pills, it will please me to be able to put those away! If it goes this well the rest of the week, maybe by the weekend I just might sneak up the hill!!

Thanks again!!
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Sumanitu taka owaci
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Hang in there, Bill!

(Great the doc is a cyclist!)
No worries
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Take it easy nebill. The worst thing a cyclist can do is overdo it and do permanent damage to the old knee.

Know what you mean about physiotherapy tho'. I had a bad motorbike accident 3 or 4 years ago and part of my treatment was an exercise cycle in the hospital.

The first time they put me on it (about a month after getting my metalwork put in my ankle and lower leg) the physio said "You might find this a bit difficult."

Boy you should have seen her face as I rattled up the cadence!

Stick with it guy. It might be a bit frustrating not to do as much as you used to but it'll be worth it in the end.
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hi nebill!

your knee problem sounded like a real downer for a while there ,glad to hear things are on the mend.

I remember when a few years ago I lived for my road/cross country running . then i was beset with this pain in the knee, which eventualy required medical treatment.

The doc finaly advised me it was time to hang up my running trainers.

that devasted me for quite a while even leading to a deppresional illness.

then I turned to cycling as a replacment and of course it turned out to be a marvelous decision (probably enjoy it more than i ever did running)

The knee seems to hold up well to my cycling apart from a little paranoia with the nagging thought , what happens if my problem re-accurs on the bike,"perrish the thought" but touching wood all is well up till now.
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Glad to hear you're back on the bike Nebill...

Take it easy on that knee now, y'hear?!?

Rich :thumbup:
Making New Zealand a safer place :)
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originally posted by nebill
Weather channel says I will have a 10 mph tailwind
They never give me this kind of weather report.

Glad you're doing better. :thumbup:
Take it easy on the knee.

And Jesus looking upon them saith, "With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible." - Mark 10:27
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Bikes: '76 Schwinn Paramout (Liberty) and an '89 Paramount (ol' Blue)
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Hi Folks! Thanks for all the kinds words, nice to talk to people who understand!

When I went home last night, I really spun 'er up! Normally, I would have grabbed a higher gear or two, but for a change, I behaved myself! Got home in good shape, and the knee was pretty good, although the thighs were burning a little...but that felt GREAT!!

This morning, I took my normal one aspirin, then set off to work with a temp of 43 degrees. (Still staying off the pain pills!) Did the same thing as last night, just spin 'er up and stay there. No real discomfort in the knee at all. When I got into town, I stopped and visited some friends, and when I left to go to the post office, I stood on the pedals a little hard, and my knee let me know that maybe I should back off a little!

So, I am not at 100% yet, but it is so much better than it was a week ago! I will continue to take it easy...'cause I love to ride!!!!
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Kevin S
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Hi Nebill,

Glad you're healing well. I was off of biking (and fitness walking) for two weeks due to pain in my ankles. My doctor was booked up, so I put my feet up for two weeks (well, normal schedule minus the biking and walking). I'm back to biking and walking again and no pain yet. Yahoo!

Hope you continue to heal,
Kevin S.
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